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The history of prison in Kielce dates back to half of the nineteenth century.  In 1816 in the Kingdom of Polish was  established and in one of the proveniences – krakowskie county Kielce was the capital city. The prison was placed in reconstructed and adapted to the new features former stables of the Bishops of Krakow. In the 70s of the XIX century in all buildings, except the southern wing, the first floor was built and in this  shape prison complex operated until the end of the 70s of the twentieth century.

After the January Uprising in prison were closed hundreds of polish people who had fought with Russians. Then they were sent to Siberia or placed in prisons.  Several d insurgents were sentenced to death. In the beginning of Twentieth century in Kielce prison were revolutionaries of 1905, independence activists, many fighters Polish Socialist Party.

In the years 1918-1939 in prison were imprisoned criminal and political prisoners accused about communist activities

After the outbreak of World War II in the walls of the prison held a POW camp for Polish soldiers captured in the fighting in the north of Kielce , and  in October prison was taken over by the Gestapo. In the central pavilion there was created political division in which the persons suspected of activities against the Nazi Germans , including many members of the resistance. They were tortured here in the room of the chapel on the first floor of the pavilion. There were frequent cases of killings and executions of prisoners in the prison . Many prisoners were sent to concentration camps. By Kielce prison until January 1945 over not less than 16 thousand of people.

On January 15 prison was taken over by the NKVD , and Security Office. Cells were  filled with soldiers of Polish underground. The were tortured here and  executed. On 4 August 1945 imprisoned soldiers were release by rebounded branch of Home Army under the command of Anthony Hedy “Grey” and Stephen Bembińskiego “Harnas”. The repression of the Polish underground soldiers in prison UB lasted to 1956.

During Polish People’s Republic in these buildings was a detention centre. In 1979, the prisoners were transferred the new Prison on Piaski and since then this place has emptied.

In 1995, a group of inhabitants of Kielce organized  in the west wing of the prison  the Museum of National Remembrance – Kielce prison from 1939 to 1945. In the  basements there were  exposed memorabilia associated with the struggle Home Army with the Nazi occupiers, and mementos of prisoners Safety Authority. Museum functioned until 2005 .

After the acquisition by the city of crumbling buildings in the former prison was founded Castle Hill budget unit, which consists of the Institute of Design and the Centre of Patriotic and Civic Reflection.